Who is the true artist?

If you can sketch, paint, sing, dance, act or play an instrument you are an artist, is what we generally think. In fact, the word “artist” itself signifies the one who is proficient in any art form. But is this really true?

Believe me. It’s not. Even if you can do all the things mentioned above you still cannot be a true artist. Then who is the true artist? How can you become one?  Well, today let me answer these questions…

Let me begin by starting with the most fundamental step towards becoming a true artist…

The first step is not about working on our abilities but working on our perceptions. We see some forms of work as art and the other as non-art, while the truth is every work that we do is a form of art. Everything that we do in our day, right from watching a movie to making a project to making an app has the potential to become the work of art, provided you see it as a work of art. When you see your work as an art you enter your most creative self. And believe me, you will do the best work of your life when you start seeing something that you love doing, as an art.

“If you see your work as an art, the world will see you as an artist…”

Do you like coding? or working with microcontrollers? or making electronic circuits? or making a racing vehicle or flying plane? Making short movies? If you can make something new in your field of interest, if you can think new ideas, if you believe in your work, if you put your heart and soul into your work, if you always think of innovating, learning you are already an artist, it doesn’t matter which field you are in.

And you are a better artist if you innovate for benefit of others, make something that will be valuable for them, if you include others in your successes and take responsibility of your failures, if you are willing to admit that you are human and it’s really all right even if you fail, if you work beyond praise and criticism of others. This point is very important:

“You work for the benefit of others. But you do work, not for their praise or criticism but because the work you do makes you happy and gives you joy…”

A true artist does his best work even when he knows that no one is watching him because he understands that even if people cannot see his work directly, it is making a difference in their lives. Jonathan Ive (Chief designer at Apple, who designed iPhone, iPad, iMac, Apple watch etc. works with the same spirit). It is what you feel for your work that makes you an artist and not the work itself.

So, remember:

“It’s not the work, but rather the spirit with which you do the work makes you an true artist…”

-Kunal Dhodapkar

P.S : If you still don’t believe me, watch this video of a wonderful person who, to say, cleans toilet at the airport but serves as an inspiration for millions…

Watch the video from 12:30 mins. Click here